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  • UPDATED 3-20-2014

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  • Here is a basic FAQ for all lacrosse programs/practices

    Tigers Schedule

    In order to allow athletes complete access to after school help from teachers, all practices will be 5:00PM to 7:00PM.

    Cougars 7-8 Schedule

    Cougars 5-6 Schedule

  • Here you will find information about Equipment . and a where to purchase it.

  • Sign up for the fundraising games that go towards your pay to play

  • Play with MSU's Coach at Wixom. Sign up as an individual.

  • Team Rules

  • Read our Mission Statement.

  • Check out these lax-skills videos

  • Here is an easy to follow way to string your head

  • For those of you wondering how to LETTER in LACROSSE

  • What you need to know about college recruiting

  • Once again, I get the love and respect worthy of a coach:

Contact Coach Butka

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